My Looooonnng Trailer!

| February/March 1996

  • A mobile home

  • A mobile home

5636 Hermantown Road, Duluth, Minnesota 55810

This is part of my thirty years of gas engine collecting. I made this trailer using a frame and axle from a mobile home. It is 26 feet long! Pictured from left to right on the trailer are: a small 1 cylinder air compressor, 9 HP Galloway, 7 HP Galloway, 1 HP Sattley, 5 HP Economy, Maytag washing machine motor, 1 HP Fuller-Johnson, Monitor pump engine with a pump jack 1 HP. Not seen on the picture (on the other side) are: 1 HP John Deere, large meat grinder, 1 HP DeLaval, and a 1 HP Economy.

These engines have been in many parades in the area, including Labor Day in Cloquet, Minnesota; Hermantown Summer Fest, Hermantown, Minnesota; Christmas City of the North in Duluth, Minnesota. They have also been displayed at the Esko, Minnesota, Harvesters Reunion.