My John Deere Series E Engine

| August/September 1994

John Deere Series E engine

2821 Wilmington Road, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Here are some pictures of my restored John Deere Series E engine, truck and pump jack. For over 10 years I had been looking and searching for a John Deere engine. I finally found a basket case engine at an Old Timer's Meeting in Xenia, Ohio. I bought the engine from a fellow Old Timer, Rob Brill, in February 1992.

During the next four months I pursued many for sale ads in GEM. I finally got a governor shaft from Dan Steding, a pulley from Jim Elwood, a magneto from William Damewood, many necessary parts, gaskets, etc. from Hit and Miss Enterprises, and a pump jack from Jim Grimes. Finally, Rob Bill of Spring Valley, Ohio, went to work and put the engine together and had it expertly running by June 26, 1992.

I took the engine home at this time and impatiently waited for the John Deere Expo III in Waterloo, Iowa, to begin. I spent four days looking at John Deere tractors, stationary engines and equipment. I took over 200 pictures of the many displays. I tried to talk to everyone who would talk to me, to obtain information about John Deeres. I also decided to buy a reproduction John Deere truck from Robert D. Campbell of Eagle Grove, Iowa. After four enjoyable days in Iowa, I came home with my John Deere truck and many good pictures, ideas and helpful hints on restoration.

When I got home I primered the engine and truck. I then painted the entire outfit with John Deere Classic Green paint. I took great pains to do a good job. I did not want to mess up a perfect mechanical restoration job done by my friend Rob Brill. I then mounted the engine upon the truck. Then I began to work on the pump jack. This took me many hours, but I got it all done and working by the Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village Tractor and Engine Show in late August. I also took the display to the Old Timer's Days in Exenia, Ohio, in late September of 1992 and 1993.

I am extremely proud of my John Deere, 1938, 1 HP Series E engine, serial number 346162, truck and pump jack. I have met some wonderful people at the tractor and engine shows and I intend to continue going to shows in 1994.