My International

| July/August 1970

Pa. 15730

These are 2 views of my International Famous engine taken during its restoration. The nameplate is inscribed, 'Victor Horizontal Mfg. by International Harvestor Corp., 6 hp. at 325 rpm, H6069.' Its low tension direct current generator is a Wizard type BC1, made by Hercules Electric Co.

I found this engine about two years ago on a farm in West Virginia where it had been used to power a line shaft for pumping water, washing clothes, and churning. The owner said that it had run up to a few years ago, almost every day since it had been purchased new in 1906.

When 1 first saw the International, it was partially covered with hay and the piston was stuck. However, a thick covering of grease and dirt had afforded it good protection. It was a rainy Spring day when I loaded it on the old Ford F1 and was quite surprised at the load. But it was not until the engine was home that I realized what a fine machine it was with the big solid brass bearings and all. Restoration included complete disassembly and cleaning with a sandblaster. The entire bottom was rusted out of the cooling tower which is shown, un restored, in the background of one picture.

The engine is now completely restored and painted red, trimmed in black. The only parts that are not original are the oil field type lubricator and the water pump belt.

The engine is started with a battery and low tension coil but when running, it is switched to its own generator and coil. The timing gears are inboard of the right main bearing and the igniter is tripped by an eccentric on the timing gear. The carburetor will use either gasoline from its own circulating type pump or natural gas as it is piped in the pictures. It is also interesting that the intake valve is completely enclosed by the support of the exhaust rocker arm and that the push rod has an arm that holds the intake closed when the exhaust is open. A smaller valve, also operated by the push rod, admits the natural gas at the proper time.