My Husband A GEM of a Man

| November/December 1978

  • Maytag engines

  • Maytag engines

1409 Washington Street, Holliston, Massachusetts 01746

I thought some readers would be interested to read of an amazing 'GEM of a MAN' - my husband, Lindsay, who at 74? years old, has been collecting antiques of all kinds for the past 50 years. In the past two or three years alone, he has collected 60 or more, 1 HP to 6 HP, 2 wheeler engines of every make available, including side shaft type, hit and miss, make and brake, originals! He has a Witte headless and one with a double water jacket. He also has in his collection a 5 HP Witte saw rig; a 4 HP Ottowa drag saw; a 2 HP Domestic side shaft pumper with hose; and Maytag engines - uprights and stationary. In the midst of all this, there are two steam engines, a two cylinder inboard Evinrude and a single cylinder Marine engine complete inboard.

I would say that is pretty good work for a man of his age to have collected and restored these 60 or more engines in less than three years' time.

There is a saying 'Seek and ye shall find.' He did seek, while I sat patiently in the car many times waiting. But soon, I'd see a smiling face coming around the corner of a farm or house and I knew he bought one or two - the waiting was worth it once again!

This amazing man built an ice plane years ago and also drove an old 'Indian' motorcycle which he kept in repair. Through the years he drove the 61-74-80 Harley Davidson motorcycles and is at this moment driving a 900 Kawasaki and can keep up with anyone. He keeps it tuned up himself.

Need I say more? He belongs in 'Who's Who.'