| June/July 1997

  • Kalamazoo water pump

  • Kalamazoo water pump

3012 S. Catherine Lansing, Michigan 48911

I bought two Kalamazoo water pumps at the Michiana Swap Meet in May 1996. They were both in bad shape. They both had broken legs. The front and back legs are the same so I ended up with one good set.

I cleaned up the rear casting and opened it up. I was happy to find it had a brass connecting rod. The crankshaft only came out of one side so I welded a one inch extension on the side cover. Then I made the crankshaft four inches longer. The front cylinder I sawed off an old air compressor and adapted it to bolt on. The head came from another compressor and I had to make new valves, guides and seats. I made a one inch brass spacer between the head and the cylinder. It has a two inch bore and two inch stroke. I used a two inch piston from an old Lauson engine and I used two new rings. I left out the oil ring.

The flywheel is from an old post drill. It is 14 inches and round. The fuel mixer is made from a gas cock and part of a candleholder stem. The gas tank is made from a brass pipe. The gears are Volkswagen and flea market items. The flat pulley I got at the Portland Swap Meet. The muffler I made from part of another old water pump. The governor and cam I made from scrap brass. The base is made from scrap steel.

It runs nice at 160 rpm on gas or propane. I hope to show a lot in 1997.