| July/August 1992

  • A Garden tiller

  • A Garden tiller

609 Church Street, St. Johns, Michigan 78879

One day, my son Larry called and said that he had bought me something at his neighbor's garage sale. He said it was a garden tiller, and he thought I might like the engine, and that it might be worth the two dollars they were asking.

When he said 'tiller,' I pictured a rototiller, and didn't get too excited. I was real pleased when I saw what it was-a Planet, Jr., Super Tuffy, in pretty bad shape and very rusty, but all there.

I proceeded to free the valves, clean the gas tank and carburetor and repair the magneto. The motor ran pretty good, but smoked a lot. The belt and chain would not stay on due to worn bushings, which caused misalignment.

With a lot of time and elbow grease, new bushings, piston rings and a little paint, I think it's real cute. You never know what you might find at a yard or garage sale.