My Galloway

| November/December 1992

  • 6 HP Galloway Engine
    This 6 HP Galloway is owned by William J. Hartz, 265 County Line Drive, Lehighton, Pa., 18235Martz believes the engine was built about 1909. Look inside for more on this beauty.
    William J. Hartz

  • 6 HP Galloway Engine

265 County Line Drive Lehighton, Pennsylvania 18235

I think this Galloway was built about 1909. The engine is unusual because it has the old style water hopper, but has the new head and carburetor as used on the masterpiece series. It also has a flat connecting rod instead of the round style used on this type.

The pin striping is different. My neighbor has the 'brother,' as we call it, to this engine. His is only 410 engines newer than this one, and the original striping and name can be seen on his; the striping is black instead of the usual yelow, and is very simple instead of the usual elaborate Galloway striping.