My Friends Made Me Do It!

| February/March 1995

Whizzer motor kit

19292 Olana Lane Huntington Beach, California 92646-2912

I've tinkered with small motors since high school, but got the real gas engine hug when I bought a Fuller and Johnson NC from my friend Steve and restored it for my boss Jud, who always wanted a hit and miss.

It was so enjoyable, I bought a Stover KA, an Economy 1 HP, and a burr mill from Steve.

Well, that was over fifteen years ago and they are still not restored, because about that same time my buddy Bob introduced me to motorcycle racing.

Then I discovered Maytag when my friend Lou gave me a model 92. That kept my interest in antique gas engines because anybody knows you can restore a Maytag in a week. Then I went back to Steve and bought a Bean 6 HP, my first upright.

It took about twelve years to crash out of dirt bike racing and get back to my motors.