My Friend Engine

| August/September 1991

  • 'Friend' sprayer engine

  • 'Friend' sprayer engine

11950 Montague Road, Winnebago, Illinois 61088

One day several years ago, Nelson Tower greeted me with, 'I heard you are interested in old gas engines.' The Towers have an orchard near Youngstown, New York, about twenty miles from Niagara Falls. The Towers and my wife and I spend the winters in Dora Pines Mobile Home Park at Mount Dora, Florida.

I assured him I was very interested in old engines. He said he had an old 'Friend' sprayer engine that had sat in a shed for fifty years.

'How much?'

'Seventy-five dollars.'

'Sold.' Sight unseen. I had never heard of a Friend engine, but golly, $75!