My Friend

| June/July 1993

Right view of Friend sprayer

R.D.3,Box 397 Nashville, Indiana 47448

These are some pictures of a Friend sprayer that I rebuilt and hope to show this summer. The 'before rework' picture is not too good, but it shows about what kind of shape the sprayer was in. Some 'after rebuilt' pictures show what can be done if a person sets his mind to it.

The EXA Friend is the right color, but the shade may be off. The wooden tank is original, and the sprayer unit is complete right down to the mixing paddle in the tank. The sprayer had the remains of a home shop brake that I am not sure I will remake.

I need to say thanks to friends in Gas Engine land, and near home for their help, with special thanks to J. R. Clark who did the sign painting, trying to match the old paint.