| July/August 1988

  • Keller 1 HP engine
    This 1914 Keller 1 HP engine is owned by Ed Brawner, 4448 Neosho, St. Louis, Missouri 63116.
    Ed Brawner

  • Keller 1 HP engine

Route 2, Box 330 Irrigon, Oregon, 97844

As of this date, my free offerings have consisted mostly of cats, dogs, and advice. Therefore, you can see why I was skeptical when my son, Bill came home from school and informed me that he knew where I could get a free tractor.

A gentleman friend of Bill's, who ran a gas station in Boardman, 'has a tractor that he will give away' is how the story went.

I am thinking, 'If there is a tractor it must be a real prize if the fellow is willing to give it away.' I imagined all sorts of major problems it must have and decided that I did not have time to go and look at it.

It was much later, at a school function that Bill brought his friend, Rollo, over to meet us. Rollo started the conversation by asking if Bill had advised us of his offer of a free tractor. Before I could answer, he explained that it was a John Deere Model B and promptly rattled off the serial number 180,825 which he had memorized.

My heartbeat shot up while I explained to him that I had been meaning to come look at it and would be there first thing in the morning.