| July/August 1988

Keller 1 HP engine

This 1914 Keller 1 HP engine is owned by Ed Brawner, 4448 Neosho, St. Louis, Missouri 63116.

Ed Brawner

Route 2, Box 330 Irrigon, Oregon, 97844

As of this date, my free offerings have consisted mostly of cats, dogs, and advice. Therefore, you can see why I was skeptical when my son, Bill came home from school and informed me that he knew where I could get a free tractor.

A gentleman friend of Bill's, who ran a gas station in Boardman, 'has a tractor that he will give away' is how the story went.

I am thinking, 'If there is a tractor it must be a real prize if the fellow is willing to give it away.' I imagined all sorts of major problems it must have and decided that I did not have time to go and look at it.

It was much later, at a school function that Bill brought his friend, Rollo, over to meet us. Rollo started the conversation by asking if Bill had advised us of his offer of a free tractor. Before I could answer, he explained that it was a John Deere Model B and promptly rattled off the serial number 180,825 which he had memorized.

My heartbeat shot up while I explained to him that I had been meaning to come look at it and would be there first thing in the morning.