| June/July 1992

12234 Harris, Carleton, Michigan 48117

I have been collecting engines for about six or seven years now, but a Michigan built engine has eluded me all this time. That is hard to believe, with all the different companies that were in this state. I have a soft spot in my heart for Michigan built engines. Not that I think they're better or anything of the sort, but another part of the hobby that I enjoy in my travels through the state, is going to small towns to see if I can still find the old factories where they were built. I enjoy this as much as collecting engines.

A friend and fellow collector, Ed Laginess, had this New Way. I was talking to him about it and suggested that he should restore it. He said that he didn't have the time and asked if I was interested in it. Well, let me tell you, I could not believe my ears, a Michigan built engine and a New Way on top of that! I feel that the New Way is a very collectible engine-with two-tone paint, upright, air cooling, raised letters on the flywheels, gold striping and flowers-well, I could go on and on if you know what I mean. I said, 'Yes, of course'. He gave me a good, fair price. Now I don't have a lot of money and I had picked up a drag saw a few months earlier, so all my engine money was gone. I asked if he would hold it for me until I could come up with the cash.

Isn't it funny how you can come up with money for a worthy cause when you put your mind to it? The first order of business was a tailgate sale at the engine club. I went through the garage and filled up the back of my truck with treasures that I could part with.

This netted me a tidy sum, but a long way to go. The next things to go were an old air conditioner and a pick-up bed cover. Close, but not quite. I had changed the siding on the house so I took the old aluminum siding to the scrap yard. That did it! I had the money I needed.

The only bad thing about this engine was that I picked it up late on a Saturday afternoon. We were leaving on vacation early Monday morning, so absolutely no time could be spent playing with my new toy with all the getting ready and packing. I did enjoy my vacation and I did enjoy coming home and heading for the garage.