My First Gas Engine

| March/April 1996

RD.  1, Box 59, Alba, Texas 75410

My son-in-law's dad had a black smith shop in Oklahoma City, by the name of Junker's Shop. It had been closed since 1975, but still had some equipment in it, including a '66 Ford three-quarter ton pickup with 51,000 miles.

My son-in law thought I could use it on the farm, so we went to Oklahoma to pick it up. When we arrived and finally got the door open, the truck was there, and so was a gas engine that caught my eye. It was in bad shape, but I kept my eyes on it. We loaded the pickup and left for home. I was still wishing that old engine could be mine. This was Christmas of 1993.

For my 74th birthday in April of 1994, my son Mike and my son-in-law, Harry Junker, rented a pick-up and went to Oklahoma, and my son-in-law presented the engine to me, delivered to my house, a priceless gift!

Pictures of it appeared in the May 1995 issue of GEM on page 9, and Mr. Wendel told me what kind of engine I now proudly owned. I started cleaning it and looking for parts and getting all the information I could, to restore my gift. Thanks for your help, Mr. Wendel.

Almost 19 months have passed, and the engine is completed and sounds good to me. I knew nothing about gas engines; but I got it running and I'm still learning. Here is a picture of it, now that it is completed.