| May/June 1975

1812 Apple Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49002

In May 1972 I found a Four-pull (Cat) tractor, made by the Fitch Four-Drive Tractor Company of Big Rapids, Michigan. I had heard about the tractor four or five years before I saw it, but could not and did not find it until Decoration Day weekend of 1972. After I found out where it was, I made several trips to where it was before I got to talk to the man that owned it. I told him I was interested in old tractors and would like to get it and restore it, as I had done with several other tractors, and showed him pictures of some I had fixed up. He said he would talk it over with his son and let me know.

Over the Fourth of July, I made another trip up to see him. This time we talked a little more about the tractor and he told me he had two of them and took me back in his woods to see the other. It was not a Cat but looked the same. Also he said, it was the last tractor the Company built. By this time I was so anxious to get them I could hardly sleep at night, but he still did not know whether he should let go of them.

Over Labor Day weekend I made another trip to see him. This time I got to see his son and together we talked about the tractors and together they agreed to sell them along with some extra parts they had, so I made a down payment on them.

It was about three weeks later when my son and I returned for the tractors I had purchased. The man was a little bit upset with me or upset about selling them, but I got the tractors loaded and told him I would return later for the parts. He said I could not have the parts, so I left with what I had.

I brought the tractors home and unloaded them. One of these tractors had rubber tires on it. The steel rims had been cut off and pneumatic rims added. The first weekend I hunted up some tires as two were of a different size and one of them was ruptured and flat. I spent two or three nights changing the tires. This completed, I tried to start it. It did run, on two cylinders.