My Dancing Engine

| October/November 1992

R.R. I, Box 38, Danville, Iowa 52623

When I first purchased this engine in Illinois, it didn't look like much; however, it was not stuck. After getting it in running condition, I took it to Mt. Pleasant to Old Threshers. I started it up and let it run. In about 10 minutes, it started to dance and then quit! After starting it again, it ran about five minutes and started to dance again and then quit.

When I got it back home, I took it apart, checked it over, and couldn't find anything wrong. I put it partially back together. After doing this about three different times, I discovered one governor weight was missing. After sending for a replacement, it still danced. Then I went to talk to Mr. Dale Nau (everyone in southeast Iowa knows Dale).

After looking at the governor, Dale suggested I change the flywheel. However, being a little stubborn, I thought the problem had to be in the governor, as it would run awhile before it would start to dance. Since I had another engine the same size, I took all the parts of the governor from the running engine and put them in the dancing engine, started it up, and it still danced.

Then I took Mr. Nau's advice and changed the flywheels and it ran perfectly.

I had the flywheel balanced and the holes are 1' diameter by 1?', 1', 1?', and ?' deep, plus a dimple.