| November/December 1996

  • Crossley Motor

  • Crossley Motor

Box 226, Karnack, Texas 75661

I got my first Cub Cadet several months ago. It had a couple of parts missing, so I got the parts, restored and painted it. It is red and has Farmall decals.

Now, I am on my third one. I decided to change it a little so I put a Crossley motor and transmission in it. I had to stretch the frame 12 inches, and also the hood. I chose to use the Crossley transmission with the motor so I wouldn't have any trouble using the Crossley clutch. This particular engine I am using came out of a boat. I removed the marine manifold and used a stock manifold.

The transmission had only high gear and reverse. This works fine with the Cub transmission. I made a short jack shaft to connect the two transmissions. With both transmissions in reverse, I have a real low forward gear or reverse, too. With the front transmission in high gear, you just use the Cub transmission. I use the clutch brake as it was. I just made up a new linkage to go to the Crossley release arm.

I have 14 inch tires on the rear and I put 1 inch spaces between the frame and front cross-member to raise the front. It sits level with the larger rear tires. The Crossley 6 volt starter works like a champ on 12 volt. I rewired it and use an automotive ignition switch. The fenders clear the larger tires by a little bit.

I don't have a governor for this motor so I blocked the throttle so the motor won't rev over 4000 rpm.