| May/June 1980

  • Warwick Eagle driving a 1923 Bamford corn mill

  • Warwick Eagle driving a 1923 Bamford corn mill

17 Mill Avenue, Broadway, Wores, England WR127DB

I am an engine collector in Broadway, Worstershire, England. I have a small collection compared with some collectors. I have only about 27 engines at this time.

I have a few engines made in the USA. They are a 2? HP and 3 HP Alamo of about 1917, also an early United open crank with low tension ignition of 2? HP. One of my best-loved engines is a 4 HP International Famous with hit and miss governing. It is about 1905. Other engines in my collection are a 1909 vertical Victoria 3 HP made by the Bristol Wagon and Carriage Company of Bristol, England; a Warwick Eagle of 2?/3 HP made in Warwick, England in 1912/15. It is a hopper cooled open crank engine with a large Hill H.T. magneto. The enclosed picture is the Warwick Eagle driving a 1923 Bamford corn mill and your worthy scribe standing by. To go on with my engines, my latest find is a Campbell engine of Halifose, England. It is a blow lamp start open crank single flywheel engine of 1? HP and is a very heavy engine, about 17ewt. This one still has to be restored. Other engines are a 2? HP open crank H.T. hopper cooled Ruston & Hornsby; a 3? HP open crank Bamford; a large 8 HP two cycle Petter tank cooled; a 1?/2? HP Bental of 1914 open crank; also a 1? HP Melco with buzz coil ignition. Another small engine is a ? HP open crank gas engine made by the British Engineering and Electrical Company of Lee Staffs in 1909/13. This engine should run on the old coal gas but has been converted to run on propane gas. I think all that is left to say is good collecting to all you collectors over in the USA from a collector here in England.