My 1917 10 HP Fairbanks-Morse

| March/April 1998

333 First Street West, Halstad, Minnesota 56548

This is my 1917 10 HP Fairbanks-Morse I purchased from Maurice Williams from New Rockford, North Dakota. This Fairbanks came out of an elevator near New Rockford.

When I bought the engine it was partly disassembled, but most of it was in good shape. The 10 horse had a factory conversion to a spark plug and magneto. The mag and impulse gear were the only parts missing. Thanks to a fellow near Duluth, Minnesota, I was able to get a magneto. The impulse gear came from Hit & Miss. This engine now starts and runs very well. You'll have to excuse the chrome exhaust stack, but I couldn't resist!

I've had the engine in a couple of parades and at the WMSTR in Rollag, Minnesota.