More Thoughts on Substitute Igniter Points

| May/June 1979

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I read, with interest, the short article on page 5 of the NovemberDecember 1978 G.E.M. entitled 'Substitute Igniter Points'. I have just a few notes to add.

Years ago, back in the 1920's, my Dad and I used copper rivets. Reduce the size of the head as desired and run a drill lightly into the igniter holes either so that there will be a good clean surface or to suit your needs. We used solid copper harness rivets and burrs. Copper is a good conductor.

This may be of some help to one who is not too familiar with timing the old stationary engines. It is a general rule.

The exhaust valve should open 5 degrees before outcenter for every 100 RPM of the engine, and close at incenter or a bit after.

The intakes were usually operated automatically by piston vacuum; therefore, they require a valve spring with no more tension than is necessary to close in properly.