| March/April 2000

Edwards Engine

We have heard from some more owners of the unusual Edwards this month, and show pictures of their engines here. Clyde Shook of 434 Mill-brook Rd., Hudson, NY 12534 is owner of #20772, above, left. Paul Carey of 2979 Raymond Avenue, Latrobe, PA 15650 (e-mail: owns the engine left, below. His is number 17695 with high tension ignition. 'I found it hard to turn with the strap on the flat pulley. After installing a 14' V pulley between the flat pulley and the engine, it turns easily with a rope and runs fine.' One more reader, Robert A. Johnson ( wrote to mention that 'one of the unusual features of the Edwards ignitor engine is it has no linkage to the ignitors. They are tripped by the pistons. I have both a sparkplug and ignitor type. All others I have seen were sparkplug.'

A fourth Edwards owner is Richard Carroll of 2632 SE 54th Avenue, Owatonna, MN 55060. He, too, would appreciate any information about restoring his engine (left), such as color. (We know the color is blue, but don't have a match number to offer.)

Also on this page are two items from an Edwards brochure sent to us by Dick Hamp, 1772 Conrad Ave., San Jose, CA 95124- Thank you, all!