| September/October 1985


Box 213 Sidney, Montana 49270

I thought I would drop you a line telling you that out here in Montana there are collectors and restorers of old tractors and gas engines.

Pictured with the 1944 'LA' John Deere are myself, Gary King, and Bennett Folstand. We have been rebuilding engines for several years. We attend the Culbertson Threshing Bee in Montana and Makoti Threshing Bee in North Dakota.

We have about 30 gas engines restored Cushmans, John Deeres, Economys, Internationals, Stovers, Empires, Briggs, Maytags, Monitor. Also we have about 50 engines that aren't done.

We just got started on tractors, the 'LA' 1944 John Deere is the only tractor we have finished. We also have 3 10-20 Internationals, and 3 John Deere 'D's'one is a 1928 'D' on steel with factory options of an oil filter and a PTO, also a 1941 'D' that looks good but doesn't run.

There are quite a few people in Montana who have old tractors and engines. We all enjoy your magazine.