Modeler's Corner

A long history in the making

| April 2007


'Above: “Little York,” a hit-and-miss engine finished in 2002 from Richard Shelly plans. '

I really enjoy reading your Modeler's Corner, the only trouble is you don't have enough entries, so I figured I would try and help you out.

I am an 83-year-old retired farmer who loves shop work, but money was always tight so I couldn't buy new tools. I have a 1941 South Bend lathe with 9-inch swing and 3-foot bend, and a small table top jet mill. I have no schooling on lathe and mill work, so the little I know I learned by reading, and trial and error.

My engines all run and we show them at power shows. In the past we went to about six shows a year, but last year, due to age and health reasons, we only went to three shows.

Contact Mel Hofer at: 312 E. 3rd St., Freeman, SD 57029; (605) 925-4732.