Modeler's Corner

Vintage Stirling,Caterpillar

| August 2006


Ken Hollenbeck’s Stirling vintage model.


This is my tank-cooled version of a vintage Stirling cycle engine from drawings by Jerry Howell.

Some modifications from the original drawings include threading the connecting rods and their mating ends 0-80 UNF to make assembly and adjustment easier. I also threaded the crankshaft pin for the same reason.

To facilitate machining the hot cap from stainless steel, I opted to bore clear through vice, making a blind bore. I then fabricated a head for the hot cap and secured it with six 0-80 UNF Allen head screws. (Tapping 0-80 in stainless is an exercise in patience!)

The heat-retaining shield over the hot cap is my own design. It helps the engine run smoothly with a minimum size flame from the oil can alcohol burner.

This was a fun project built entirely on my old Atlas 10F lathe; no rotary table, no collets and no milling machine, only a milling attachment on the lathe. I machined the main body hexagon shape from round stock using a hex machine nut for indexing to obtain the desired 60-degree angles.

Just goes to prove that you don't necessarily need all the latest and greatest equipment to complete an interesting project.

7/24/2014 11:22:06 AM

It is quite fascinating to see that the Bulldozer was powered by 2 mobility scooter motors! Great post, very interesting.