Modeler’s Corner

Building Scales

| June 2005

Hello again, everyone. Is it just me, or does everyone know we're almost half way through the year? I still catch myself writing 2004 on important papers.

Well, the show season has finally started for me - and none too soon. By the time this issue comes out I'll have been to the North American Model Engineering Society show (April 23-24) in Southgate, Mich. Although the Gade isn't finished, I'm taking it along with a couple other models I have. I'm looking forward to talking with Roland (of Morrison & Marvin) about using an O-ring in the piston and showing him my progress on the engine.

The governor side of the flywheel is done, and I'm waiting to finish the linkage arm. I need one hole for the pivot pin and I need to cut the arm to length and it'll be set.

The other day, a fellow asked me just how long I have been into the old engine hobby. I think it's been around 19 or 20 years now, and it's still a fun hobby. I started with many small engines, and I still have around 15 Briggs & Stratton FH blocks, along with 10 different air compressors and an assortment of untouched models. But my thought here is that you can build a model out of what ever you can dream up, as we have shown with Ed Warren's "Lucy" and the fine articles from many different builders and pattern makers.

A fellow who has been in the model-making hobby since 1978 and has built around 25 models would like to see a web page or some type of link so a beginner can find a contact person to help with the process of model building. I am working with Richard about some ideas for web pages, and we are getting closer to having many different elements in place for model builders, and this might be one of them.

Gas Engine Magazine has built a forum on their website ( for modeling questions, and I plan to watch this on a regular basis with the hopes to offer help or get someone going in the right direction. It makes my day knowing the hobby is alive and doing well. Is this hobby great, or what?