Model Review

| March/April 1992

32 South St. Clinton, New York 13323

Recently, I have purchased some models advertised in GEM, namely the Otto-Langen model by Wayne Grenning and the Perkins model by De Bolt Machining. I thought you readers might be interested in reviews of these models.

Perkins Engine: Perkins Windmill Engine 1/5 scale. Maker: De Bolt Machine Type: Hit & Miss Availability: Castings; machined unfinished; finished. Air and water cooled versions. No longer in production.

I remember seeing this model for the first time at the Cool Spring engine show several years ago and I was so impressed that I knew I had to have one. It is a nice looking model, all decked out in burgundy and green with brass and bare metal details. It is a vertical, with a sideshaft with brass governor balls, cast brass muffler, brass gas tank, plumbing and carb, and a very well done brass bodied ignitor. I managed to get my hands on an air cooled version second hand after they went out of production. The engine is a fair sized model, just right for a nice running model, but a bit heavy. It came complete with a low tension coil, and factory skids. All that was needed was a battery and some external connections. The model I got was originally an unfinished mechanic's kit, so I decided (after playing with it) to take it apart, strip the old finish off, and re-do it.

The castings on the model are of good quality, but a bit rough. I noticed a few flaws and sand holes, but nothing that affected the operation or appearance of the model. The machining is excellent, and all parts are interchangeable with other Perkins models machined by De Bolt. Everything, including the original style dome head bolts, was done on CNC equipment, and therefore very accurate. The model comes with a nice brass tag pre-stamped with a De Bolt serial number. The model is made from iron and brass castings, and steel and brass stock.

Assembly instructions came with the model, including photos of the completed model, and photos of each part, for identification. The instructions are brief, but not beyond the ability of most mechanically inclined people. Also included are diagrams for electrical wiring and timing.