Model Maker's Corner


| September/October 1988

scale Maytag upright

scale Maytag upright.

532 E. Parkland Avenue Evansville, Indiana 47711

The Gas Engine Magazine is my favorite magazine, especially the Model Maker's Corner.

I am 72 years old, a retired machinist. I have been building model steam, gas, and hot air engines for 10 years.

So far, I have built seven Hit and Miss engines, one Ericsson Hot Air engine and three Maytag engines. For the ignition on the Hit and Miss engines I use a glow-plug, using one C size Ni-cad battery, and burning gasoline or propane. I have to leave the current on all during the run. By using the glow-plug ignition I never have any ignition trouble.

All of my engines run without rings on the piston. The piston is fitted with very little clearance.

The half-size Maytag upright is made from a set of Brad Smith castings. I recommend this engine to anybody that wants a good looking and running engine. It has a 1' stroke and 1' bore. The ? size Maytag upright I made from scratch using Brad Smith's drawings. It has a ?' bore and stroke and runs just like the bigger one.