Model Hot Air Engines Of Wood

| August/September 1988

  • Hot Air Engines
    First engine: 18' long x 18' high, with 8' flywheel.
  • Hot air Engines
    Second engine: About 18' long x 18' high, 10' flywheel.

  • Hot Air Engines
  • Hot air Engines

Sr.307 S. Clinton Avenue, Saint Johns, Michigan, 48879

My interest in hot air engines started the summer of 1986 while showing my gas engines at a show in Northern Michigan in June.

A nice old man across from me had a hot air engine made mostly of wood. I couldn't help being fascinated by it and wishing I had one too. It ran all day with very little being done to it.

In September, 1987, I met him again at another gas engine show but this time he had two of them just alike. I looked them over better while he explained how they worked. I took some pictures while he encouraged me to build one. I got some directions from him for putting one together.

It seemed difficult at first but, after considerable spare time and effort, I finished it. I was surprised how easy it was to get it started the day I first tried to run it. I was quite pleased with what I had done. I didn't use very good wood for the first one which had only one flywheel cut out of plywood.

I soon started planning another one made with two flywheels and better wood to look more like a hit and miss type.