| May/June 1988

  • Galloway Model Engine

  • Galloway Model Engine

62 Possum Drive, New Fairfield, CT 06812

My hobby is woodworking. I make jointed wooden dolls and fine furniture out of native and rare wood. My background is as machinist, mechanical engineer and plant manager of metalworking plants around the United States.

I never dreamed I'd ever have an interest in Hit and Miss engines until my friend Dick got the bug and started buying basket cases and laboriously scraping, sanding and painting and restoring these old engines to beautiful working machines.

Dick and I attended several old engine shows, and I mentioned one day that, in the late thirties, I had been a junior tool designer for the William Galloway Company, Waterloo, Iowa, manufacturers of the Galloway-Davis engine.

I purchased an old Galloway engine pamphlet, and thought it would be a challenge to make engine models out of wood with all movable parts. The model pictured has springs, nuts, and threaded bolts and even the cotter keys made of wood.

So now I'm a Hit and Miss addict and, although my collection looks like the real thing-they miss the beautiful sounds of the bang and huff and puff of the old Hit and Miss.