| January/February 1983

Engines built by Arthur L. Crabille

2704 Sunshine Dr. S. Lakeland, Florida 33801

Here are two pictures of five of my 12 model hot air and steam engines. All my models have been made from junkyard scrap and parts from old adding machines, sewing machines and old gas engines.

The single cylinder hot air walking beam engine develops a pound and a half of pressure and one inch of vacuum. Has two flywheels, which were sewing machine wheels with three spokes cut out and rims turned flat. For burner cylinder bottoms I use fuel strainer covers from Ford fuel pumps; they are thin enough to heat up good and yet thick enough so as not to warp from heat.

The twin cylinder walking beam engine has a straight shaft with one heavy flywheel. Cams taken from a car air conditioner compressor actuate the beam. To get more throw on the displacer piston, I offset the center beam bearing one inch shorter on the cam side. This engine does not run over 130 rpms; however, it develops a lot of power. I have a chain sprocket on the shaft to run something eventually.

These are not small engines; they all weigh approximately 15 to 25 pounds, and stand 15 to 20 inches tall.

I have made one small flame licker, not shown, that will run approximately 1000 rpms with a flame from a propane torch. It will run on alcohol; however, I have to retard the timing and it runs much slower.