By Patrick Hinrichsen Free Press Staff Writer

| September/October 1976

The following article was taken from a 1974 Mankate Hall Press, with their permission, and sent to us by J. Hickok & Son, Amboy, Minnesota 56010. (Back during the gas shortage, wasn't it--and who knows but how soon we'll be going through it again??)

GARDEN CITY-Been reading about saving gasoline? Concerned about efficient motors? Then a new contest at the Blue Earth County Fair should be a snap - if you're a small engine expert, that is.

Up the road from the midway, just across from the pronto pup stand and behind the ring of curious kids and adults is the antique gas engine show, a first for the oldest fair in the state.

Part of the show is a contest. People may guess on a secret ballot how long two engines will each run on one pint of gas in an economy run Wednesday afternoon. Those guessing closest will win a ham, a case of pop or other prizes.

The two engines in the contest are among the show's 34 Worthingtons, Cushmans, Choreboys, Maytags and others.

They are small or large, two or four cylinder, continuous fire or 'hit or miss.' Red or black.