Memories of Cobb County

| June/July 1996

  • John Deere Series 'E' Engine

  • John Deere Series 'E' Engine

630 Bouldercrest Drive, S.W. Marietta, Georgia 30064

I was born April 12,1926 in rural Cobb County, Georgia. Ours was a small 40-acre farm with none of the modern conveniences that we have today. Ours was a large family of mother, father and ten children. Everyone (kids and all) worked in the fields from daylight to dark.

In 1936, my father built a small service station and store to supplement our income. There was no electricity, so we had to resort to a generator and 6-volt light bulbs for illumination of the store.

One of my favorite memories was when Dad bought a used gasoline engine to power the generator. I believe it was a Fairbanks-Morse Type Z with dishpan flywheels. I was fascinated to watch it run. In 1952, my father had to sell the farm because of air rights for Dobbins Air Force Base. The engine was probably sold for scrap iron at that time.

For many years I have reminisced about that engine and wanted to buy one for myself.

In October 1994, I was at a show at Walnut Grove, Georgia, and found the John Deere Series 'E' as shown in the photograph. It was for sale, and ran good, so I bought it. It was mounted on skids, so I ordered a set of John Deere trucks from Bob Campbell in Eagle Grove, Iowa. Then I repainted every thing and mounted it on the trucks. It looks very nice and runs perfect. I am very proud of it, and it brings back great memories.