Memories and Advice

| August/September 1993

Box 432 Eitzen, Minnesota 55931

This writer is a long time reader of GEM. The interest in gas engines dates back to about age three or four. There are quite vivid memories of feed grinding with a 15 HP Galloway and 10 inch International mill, also water pumping with a 1 HP Waterloo Boy.

The photos at right and below are of an engine I recently rebuilt. The engine had not run for half a century but was stored in a shed. Note the original lettering on the skids.

The engine owner, Mr. Freemont Meyer, of New Albin, Va., acquired the engine from an estate. Mr. Meyer has an interest in the old machine but no experience at gas engine operation. The following instruction sheet was written for his benefit, but may be of interest to GEM readers.


REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST: Keep hands and clothing clear of moving parts. Do not attempt to lubricate or adjust parts in motion.