| July/August 1991

The McWogaber

The 'McWogaber.'

9056 Riverside Dr. Brighton, Michigan 48116

My newest creation isn't a model of any one particular engine, but is a hybrid of several.

Over the past few years, I've taken an interest in mostly unusual, strange, or just plain oddball engines.

You may recall my story about the Webster, or the New Polo pieces or maybe even the Stickney or Titan side shafts.

Well, lately I've been mystified by the gearless engines and decided to try my hand at a model of one.

I looked at the McVicker style, but thought that the extra cylinder and linkages to the exhaust valve looked too critical for me to duplicate and still have it work when it was done. I talked to a collector who specializes in Mc-Vickers, (he has several) and I asked him how they ran. His reply was: 'Pretty good. I can go out to the shop, and in two or three hours I can usually get one of them to run.'