McVicker, A Michigan Engine

| October/November 1994

  • Automatic gas and gasoline engine

  • Automatic gas and gasoline engine

5110 State Road 252, Brookville, Indiana 47012

This is a McVicker automatic gas and gasoline engine manufactured by Alma Manufacturing Company, Alma, Michigan, USA, No. 7907, Type 3EE, Rev. 350, 6 HP.

My husband Mike found this engine locally about twelve years ago. The only history he has on this engine is that it pumped water on an Indiana farm.

He took it apart, cleaned it and reassembled it. It starts easily and runs quietly.

This engine is gearless. It has a cam operated push rod, which is put in line with the exhaust valve from a small piston, which is lifted by force of the explosion from the power stroke.

When running, the engine's governor controls the ignition, so it's always running on the intake and compression strokes until the governor calls for power.