| November/December 1992

Twin Maytag or a Model 72

16 Prospect St., Salem, West Virginia 26426

This conversion is of a Twin Maytag or a Model 72. It requires an adapter plate under the crankcase. I had to make a deflooder valve with a check ball to drain the crankcase. I also had to rework the fuel system to cut down, to run it on one cylinder instead of two. I used 12-volt ignition, or in other words, I used a 12-volt automobile coil with a resistor and I used the points in the magneto.

Above is a close-up view of the 92 conversion (see bottom ). It runs at 475 r.p.m. and sounds like a true hit and miss engine. It will run in either direction at the same speed. This was a very rewarding project for a hobby that, in my way of thinking, is as interesting as you can have.

This picture shows my conversion of a 92 or FYED 4 Maytag to a hit & miss engine. I used gate valve wheels for the flywheels and Lawn Boy Reed valve and carburetor. I used buzz coil ignition with a hit & miss governor. I cool it with a fan in box which also contains a 12-volt wet battery and the buzz coil. I used a Chrysler resistor to cut the voltage down to the coil.

This picture shows the work on the fuel system that has to be one half of what it was when it was a two-cylinder. Bud says, 'I have restored several Maytag engines but these two conversions have given me much satisfaction. It starts easy and runs good.'