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| July/August 1988

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  • Maytag Collection

R. D. #1, Box 81, Richfield, Pennsylvania, 17086

In the picture on the back cover, the man on the left is Mr. Larry Leitzel who is a fine mechanic on Maytags or anything else. The one on the right is me. I go to about 12 engine shows a year and at Rough and Tumble I purchased a twin cylinder Maytag all overhauled and it ran fine, and I ran it for about 8 years. I had trouble with it and this is how I met Mr. Leitzel. He fixed the engine in very little time and it ran good again. When I was at a show another man wanted to know if I was interested in buying another Maytag. This gave me 2 Maytags, both twins. Larry had this one running quickly, so I went to a sale and I bid on another one, and as I was setting the apple crate down, full of parts, another man tapped me on the shoulder and said he had another one if I was interested. I set a time and went to see it. When Larry worked on this twin he said it was never run much because the points were like new and it still had a Maytag spark plug in it.

Another man saw me buy the Maytag at that sale and told me a week later he had some parts he would sell for Maytags. I went to see them. He sold me 3 boxes of parts which we got 3 engines out of, with sending away for some parts we didn't have.

Larry tears these engines all apart and soaks them in a solution for 24 hours. This eats off all the grease and paint. The parts all come out free of dirt and paint, like new parts. Then Larry assembles these Maytags with new gaskets and examines all parts for wear. Rings, plugs and wiring are almost always a must. These engines are painted a Maytag original color and we put on a decal like they had on from new at the factory. It is amazing how easy they start for the first time after restoration. All our engines are in perfect condition.

Last year I purchased 10 engines at Rough and Tumble including a Maytag lawn mower. We purchased 8 at Penns Cave. I bought 3 Maytags from out of a camper that looked like a Greyhound Bus. They were in plastic bags all restored and painted and never had gas in them since they were restored. They all started up and ran fine. The man said he traded a tractor for them. I met him when I was carrying 3 more I had purchased from a friend of mine. He asked me if I wanted 3 more and that was all he had to say.

I sold an F-30 tractor to a man and he saw my collection of Maytags. The next week he brought me a twin with one cylinder removed and the other standing on end on a pedestal. This was not complete but Larry made a good job of completion and it runs good. We call it a half breed. I bought a box of new Maytag parts at Williams Grove last year, which had a new crankshaft on it. An hour later I talked to a man from Delaware that had a very rare Maytag but had a broken crankshaft. We agreed on a price and he sent it to me. It was a long framed twin cylinder. I purchased an Elgin engine at Rough and Tumble last year. It is a single upright engine. They used these engines on their first washers.


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