| September/October 1983

Thomas M. Jensen of 559 Sheldon Road, Palmyra, New York 14522 has sent us the following information on Maytag paint numbers and serial numbers, which we hope you will find of interest:


1911 through 1916 upright battery type engines, has red crank case, gas tank and flywheel with blue trim on the 1 5/16' wide face of flywheel rim, blue flywheel center hub or so-called flat pulley and blue cylinder.

1917 through 1920 are all blue engines with red gas tanks.

1921 through 1923 upright magneto type engines are all blue engines with aluminum back plate and flywheel with blue flat belt pulley.

The above colors are Carmine red on 1979 to 1982 Chevrolet truck, Mfg. color code No. 70. The blue color is very close to a new unwashed dark blue denim jeans.

1923 through 1927 model 82 single main bearing engines were painted a little darker green than the paint used on later two main bearing engines.