Maytag Gas Engine Experiment

| June/July 1992

9565 Highway 63, Emmett, Kansas 66422

Because I wanted to find out how long a 92 Maytag gas engine would run on 50 gallons of gas and three gallons of oil, I put a float from a six cylinder carburetor in a short deep tank under a Maytag engine, and plumbed in a 55 gallon barrel. A mixture of 50 gallons of gasoline and three gallons of Walmart  50-to-1 two-cycle oil was poured into the barrel.

I started the 92 Maytag engine on Friday, November 15, at 9:00 a.m. It ran until Sunday, November 17, at 11:00 a.m., 50 hours, when it fouled the sparkplug and died. The engine was quickly restarted after a new sparkplug was inserted.

At that point, I decided the fuel was too rich, and cut it back about 40% by adjusting the carburetor. The first two days, the engine was burning about 41/2 gallons of fuel a day; but after it was adjusted down 40%, it burned about 31/2 gallons a day. The adjustment also cut the smoke down considerably. On Tuesday, November 19, I drained out five gallons of gas-oil mixture from the barrel, and replaced it with five gallons of straight gas to dilute the fuel a little more.  

The engine ran 125 hours more, then started missing and died. Luckily, I was there, put in another new plug and restarted it. The third spark plug ran 97 hours, then I put in another new one so it would be sure to run all the gas out of the barrel without stopping again.

Two weeks from when I started the engine, the barrel went dry at 9:25 p.m. on November 29. I stopped the engine with its tank full of fuel, as it was full when I started it. It had run 348 hours and 25 minutes. If the fuel had been properly adjusted the first few days, it would have run another 24 hours, I feel sure, and the first sparkplug would have lasted longer. It was firing at about 140 times a minute, which would mean it fired about three million times during this experiment.

Lester Waldron_1
3/9/2009 1:14:01 PM

I had tne fortune of meetibg Mr.Luttig in Feb. of this year he ran an add selling Maytags and I was close to where he lived, so I called and he invited to his place. I have a picture of 618 of his maytags, but he was down to about 450 when I was there. He has one other collection that makes this look like pocket change. I spent 2 1/2 hours seeing only a little of what he had and plan on taking my wife back in warm weather so she can see it. unbeleaveable !!! I did buy an engine. It is a good one and runs well.