Master Cylinder Engines

| November/December 2000

PO Box 725 Mead, Washington 99021

One day after looking at old engines at the fair, a friend said that I should make a small working engine. I said, 'That would be fun!'

We looked at a lot of different engines. We even ordered some plans out of the back of a magazine. The plans were way too vague.

Then one day the same friend, Doug, brought over a couple of brake master cylinders and said, 'Maybe you could make an engine out of one of these.'

After looking at them and thinking about it for a while, I thought the master cylinder was a natural. Master cylinders have everything needed, a good cast iron cylinder bore, water reservoir, and mounting flange. I simply had to make the rest of the parts.

My friend Doug (also neighbor) was very interested in learning about operating a metal lathe. He asked if he could build an engine at the same time as me, so he could learn. I thought that was a good idea because he could learn a lot about the lathe work on this type of project without costing a lot of money in material.