Making Cylinder Head Gaskets

| February/March 1989

One of the problems besetting the restorer of antique engines is that of finding a cylinder head gasket. A cylinder head gasket is a critical part, as it must seal high pressure gas at the combustion chamber as well as cooling water at a number of cooling water passages. Production gaskets have grommets around the combustion chamber and the water passages to prevent blow-out as well as seepage through the gasket material. Grommets aren't easily made in a home shop.

I have found one material that works well without grommets. This is a Fel-Pro material made of asbestos and graphite with a core of stainless steel. The stainless steel is 0.010' thick and has a great many projections punched in each direction. These projections are pressed into the asbestos facings, locking together the three layers. However, it is not easy to cut gaskets of this material with scissors and gasket punches.

It works well to saw and drill Fel-Pro while it is sandwiched between pieces of plywood. To make gaskets this way, you will need the following supplies:

1. The Fel-Pro material

2. Some 1/2 inch plywood. Scraps of sheathing plywood from a building site are fine.

3. Some 1/8 inch plywood. I use scraps of wall paneling.

Angelo Drift
6/8/2012 5:39:45 PM

I think it's the Pro-Ramic 121, it's recommended for head and intake gasket material and uses the same perforated steel core.

Jon Andersen
4/7/2012 7:50:19 PM

great idea.... ill try it if i can find the material do you recall the name/pn of thew matl