Making An 'Old Engine'

| February/March 2001


Photo #1

1 Piscataqua, Road Dover, New Hampshire 03820-5206

THE 'Sahire' engine in last month's GEM magazine is a late 1920s Briggs & Stratton enginemaybe an FH.

I started gathering pieces for this engine about 1994 or earlier. Frank Hietala had helped me get many of the parts. To him I owe a great thank you.

As in Photo #1, the crankcase, head, connecting rod and piston came from an auction in Nottingham, New Hampshire. The rest of the parts in the photo came from Frank, one way or another. Frank has built a few of these engines, so I went by some photos of his engines and an occasional 'what did you do here, Frank?' when I saw him at a show over the years.

The sideplate of the Briggs was used for the timing and the points. I turned it down to a smaller diameter on my lathe (photo 2). The 2 to 1 gears were left inside the crankcase, along with the 'oil splasher.' The oil pump was missing the push rod, which was activated off of the cam. I figured out the length by going through the motions while I had it apart.

Photo #3 shows the detent blade and governor-collar-shoe assembly. I used bronze for the shoe and silver soldered the joints and case hardened the detents. The governor collar which slips over the crankshaft was turned from some lead-alloy I have around. I developed a two-piece take-apart bracket for the gas tank.