A New Magazine Reader and Fan

A newly subscribed Gas Engine Magazine reader introduces himself by describing his boyhood during the depression, the engines he has restored, and the engine for which he'd like more information.

| July/August 1968

I was up to the Reunion at Kinzers. Recently I subscribed for Iron-Men Album and Gas Engine Magazine. As a new magazine reader, I like both very much.

I was raised on a small place in the country where my father operated a sawmill, cider press, shingle mill, wheel right shop and a broom machine. All were needed to carry us through the depression.

The saw mill, cider press, and shingle mill were run by water power—a water Turbine with water from a mill dam. Across the road was a Griss mill also operated by water power.

Then a 15 horse single cylinder International was put in use instead of water power and in wheel right shop a 3 horse upright International. The 15 horsepower was replaced in 1932 with a 10-20 Tyton International tractor until 1940. Then the sawmill was run by a truck motor.

All has been junked except the turbine which is buried about ten feet under the ground. I saved most of the wheel right tools and broom machine--a treddle type, and line shaft and pulleys in the shop.

First of all, I want to say Thanks for the Gas Engine Magazine and IMA. As yet, I don't have any steam pieces but surely hope to get some in the future.