MacLeod Engine

| December/January 1989

MacLeod engine

'I don't think you've had a photo of a MacLeod engine,' writes Bill Eichorst, 1116 Ashley Drive, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada S9H 1N4.

'MacLeod's Company is still in business- they run a chain of hardware stores. This is another of the many engines built by Nelson Brothers.

'I also have another engine with a later serial number that has the solid flywheels similar to the one on the bottom right corner of page 333 of American Gasoline Engines Since 1872. The decal, hand drawn from the original, reads: Factory to Farm; Quality Maintained; MacLeod; Price Reduced; MacLeod's Ltd., Winnipeg, Canada. This engine is hit and miss; some were also throttle governed. This one has the Wico EK ignition. I've seen them with Remy high tension magneto. They were also available with Webster ignition.'