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Lost Engine

By Staff

13326 CR 3104, Gladewater, Texas 75647

Although I have been subscribing to GEM for many years, this is
the first time I have written to you.

My name is B. J. Benton, and I live in Gladewater, Texas. In the
late ’60s and early 70s when I was growing up in Liberty, New
York, my father and I collected several old gasoline engines
ranging from 1? to 14 horsepower. When I moved to Texas to go to
college, these engines were sold to Mr. Emory Campbell in
Livingston Manor, New York. The 14 HP engine, a Consolidated hit
‘n miss, somehow never made it into my picture record of the
collection. The engine was in perfect, unrestored condition when it
was sold, and if at all possible, I would like to locate it just to
get some pictures of it, or even to find out what happened to

The engine was hopper cooled with battery/coil/ignitor ignition,
6 inch x 9 inch bore and stroke, oil reservoirs on the main
bearings, a round connecting rod with brass bearing boxes and
grease cup on the big end, pressure recirculating type carburetor
with a rotary choke and a pushrod driven fuel pump. The governor
was dual weight, flywheel mounted, speed adjustable, hit and miss,
operating on the exhaust pushrod. It also had a 22 inch x 12 inch
clutch belt pulley mounted on one of the 54 inch x 3 inch, 6 spoke
flywheels. The engine was painted green with red flywheels, black
head pulley and accents. It looks almost identical to the picture
in the old hardbound copy of American Gas Engines Since 1872, page
106, top right corner. Unfortunately, I don’t have the numbers
from the engine, and the only pictures I have of it are on an old
reel of 8mm film that my father took of it while I was running

I have been going to engine shows and reading GEM for quite a
while, and I have never seen an engine like this one since I lost

Maybe one of the subscribers to GEM has seen this engine, or
possibly even owns it. If so, I definitely would like to hear from
them. My e-mail address is

  • Published on Mar 1, 2000
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