Old World Charm: 1918 3-4hp Lorenz Engine

An engine collector unexpectedly stumbles upon a Lorenz engine, which he had been wanting for years.

| February/March 2019

The left or sideshaft side of Rudy Adrian’s 1918 3-4hp Lorenz. (Photos by Bill Vossler).

Manufacturer: Ignac-Lorenz Co., Kromeriz, Moravia, Czechoslovakia
Year: 1918
Serial No.: 7130
Horsepower: 3-4hp (rpm not listed)
Bore & stroke: 4in x 6in
Flywheel: 23in x 3in
Ignition: Spark plug w/magneto
Governing: Hit-and-miss, sideshaft governor
Cooling: Tank, thermosiphon

Brass tag attached to the engine casting reads “Original Lorenz.”

Engine enthusiast Rudy Adrian had been keen on getting a Czechoslovakian-made Lorenz engine for years. Why? For starters, his wife, Xenia, is of Czechoslovakian heritage; her grandfather emigrated from Czechoslovakia and settled in Ohio. Plus, he just liked how they looked. “Years ago at the Baraboo, Wisconsin, show, a fellow had a Lorenz engine,” Rudy says. “I liked the way it looked. It still had the factory cart on it, and the wheels were neat-looking. It was very European in appearance.” But finding one in the U.S. took a bit.

Owner Rudy Adrian with his 1918 3-4hp Lorenz.

Finding a Lorenz

For many years, simply wanting a Lorenz was as far as Rudy’s aspirations went. But then one day he was talking to a customer at his magneto and igniter repair shop, Adrian’s Magneto Service. “We were just chatting on the phone about engines, and he asked if I had bought anything lately. I said, ‘No, I’m kind out of room, but I would like to buy a Lorenz engine, so if you ever come upon a small Lorenz that’s for sale, let me know.’” Rudy didn’t expect the immediate response he got. “I have too many engines, too, and I have a small Lorenz I would let go,” the caller said. Naturally, Rudy jumped at the chance to buy the engine.


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