| July/August 1977

The 3 HP 'NB' engine

The 3 HP 'NB' engine. Note this was the first model over 1 HP that F & J built with the governor in the flywheel.

Route 1, Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin 53578

This is another in the continuing series of articles concerning the history of the Full & Johnson Company and the engines built by them. In this article I'll try to cover, briefly, the late models of the F & J hopper cooled engines.

The last article included those hopper cooled engines built up through the Model NA; therefore, this will begin with the Model NB.

The Model NB engines came out during the first part of the year 1925. The very first ones I have been able to find a record of were a 3 HP and a 4 HP shipped to the T. L. Smith Company of Milwaukee on January 21, 1925. These two must have been pilot models. It was interesting to note that the 3 HP engine, which was S#91319, which had been shipped on January 21,1925 to T. L. Smith, was shipped on February 10, 1925 to the Kwick Mix Mixer Company, Port Washington, Wisconsin. Apparently T. L. Smith returned it to the F & J factory after they were done with it.

F & J shipped quite a large number of engines to other companies which built cement mixers, elevators, lawn mowers, etc.; the two companies mentioned above were two of these. The one company which bought more than any other was the Construction Machinery Company of Waterloo, Iowa. They bought several thousand engines from the F & J Company over the years. Other companies receiving quite a number of engines were Koehring Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Coldwell Mower Company, Newburgh, N. Y., and the Leach Company, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Many of these companies bought engines in large quantities; as many as 300 were shipped on one order.

By the middle of 1925 NB engines were being shipped regularly, being built in 1?, 2, 3,4,6, 8,10 and 12 HP sizes. This Model NB was the first type engine to be equipped with the Wico EK magneto. Some of the later models, N, NA, K and KA were also shipped with the Wico EK mags. Then, too, F & J sold a conversion to be used for converting igniter engines to the Wico EK and spark plug. Wico also sold these conversions for most all makes of engines.