Lakewood Family Saves Old Gasoline Engines


| September/October 1966

  • 5 hp Otto
    Courtesy of Kingsley Matthews, 813 Ridge Ave., Lakewood, New Jersey 08701.
    Kingsley Matthews
  • Michigan show
    Courtesy of Joe Priesgen, Route 1, Hubertus, Wisconsin.
    Joe Priesgen
  • Gas Engines
    Courtesy of David E. McDonald, R. D. 1, Georgetown, Pennsylvania.
    David E. McDonald

  • 5 hp Otto
  • Michigan show
  • Gas Engines

George Matthews and his son, Dennis, demonstrate an old engine as his wife and daughter, Carolyn, watch.

5 hp Otto featured in the newspaper clipping has been restored, painted and runs very well. This is 'Reprinted from the Asbury Park Press' and they have granted us permission to use it. Anna Mae

LAKEWOOD - Some folks save Confederate money, others save stamps, and some save old matchbook covers.

The Matthews' family, 813 Ridge Ave., saves old gasoline engines.

George Kingsly Matthews, a mechanic, began the hobby four years ago, and now he has the entire family in the act.

The family has 33 old gasoline engines, the type once used to power factory machines or pump water into irrigation ditches 65 years ago.