La Grange Economy

| November/December 1995

1912 Sparta Economy 4HP Engine

1912 Sparta Economy 4HP serial #21,912. Anyone have a serial number close to this?

2440 Thomas Street Ceres, California 95307

La Grange is a sleepy little town in the foot hills of California. Not much happens there today, and it takes less than a minute to drive through it.

But at one time, this was a booming mining community, filled with the whispers of gold and the shouts of lucky miners who struck it rich.

Hydraulic mining and dredging was carried on near here, but that's another story.

Our story begins around 1912 when an engine was ordered from Sears and Roebuck by a La Grange citizen. Now, jump to 1993!

I had seen this engine for years. It had a permanent place alongside the main street. It was sunk in the mud and partly buried, and it was rough. Real rough.