Klair's Mill Creek Velley Party

| November/December 1978

1 HP Mogul engine

Fern stone Farm, Levels, West Virginia 25431

Pictured is a 1 HP Mogul. It is a left hand engine. Note that all running operation is on left. Operates on kerosene. Exhibited by Gene Hays, Williams burg, Maryland

Marvin Klair has done it again - bribed the weatherman for a perfect weekend! A very nice assortment of good operating and appearing engines were on hand.

For those of you who do not know Marvin's lawn party first hand: it is held on the front lawn and grounds of his home in rural Wilmington, sponsored solely by the Klairs. There are no fees and no association involved. This is a very relaxing weekend and usually (this was the seventh) consists mostly of Marvin's friends and acquaintances (and their friends) who are interested in gas engines and powered equipment. Generally some antique automobile buffs come as Marvin has been involved in automobiles as well. This year we got a wonderful tour in and around a Stanley which stopped by to chat.

For the information of exhibitors: there are some more or less permanent working exhibits on the site - a portable saw mill, shingle mill, and a miniature railroad are usually operated. This year there were water pumping exhibits operating - and a single cylinder true diesel (German 1942). Tailgating of equipment-related items is permitted. Hamburgers, etc. are available at lunchtime on the patio. In addition, excellent meals are available at a restaurant (open 24 hours) in the area. Parking is permitted along side the exhibits and there is plenty of space for trailers, etc. in the back field. Also available are water on tap, fuel within approximately half a mile, and ready assistance from fellow exhibitors. There is shade from the trees if you are early, otherwise bring your own for the sun always shines at Marvin's. Some area boundaries are pre-roped, but bring your own if you want your exhibit roped off separately for security or safety.

There are no formal audience control, security or operating rules. Most of the action runs from about 10 A.M. to 6 or 8 P.M. As I have said, this is a very relaxing weekend - one well worth a visit.