| March/April 1975

Klair's Gas Engine Party

Klair's Gas Engine Party, June 8-9, 1974. Seated, the late Mr. Masten. Mr. & Mrs. Bradley, engine collectors, Oxford, Pa. Kneeling between John Deere and New Holland engines is Howard Smith, Millsboro, Delaware and Herb Masten, Northbrook, Pa. owner of engines. Malcolm Yearsley, Wilmington is kneeling back of Hercules engine owned by John Oas, Unionville. Standing in background is Sam Jones, Curator of Ron McVey's 8 HP Columbus back of tree. Facing you is Mrs. Harold Reed, Curator of the several engines on display by her family.

A rare 2 Cyl. New Way exhibited by Robert Lefever, Lancaster, Pa.

A real fancy 1-3/4 HP freshly restored Associated brought in by Clyde Thomas and Sons, Quarry-villePa. This one has an air-cooled head. Some of them also had water-cooled heads.

The Reed family were sawing wood again and also showed their big Ohio, the engine which was on the button for 1974. Pumping water again was the Bill St. John family, Lincoln University.

Courtesy of Marvin W. Klair, 2801 Limestone Rd., Wilmington, Del. 19808

John Oas, watching his Hercules 1-1/2 HP pulling Red Hat Clark's corn sheller, from Unionvil le. Pollution in background is coming from Ken Hanby, Wilming ton, using too much diesel oil in Maytags. The Palmer, Domestic and big Columbus belong to Ron McVey, Wilmington, Del.